Imagine Finding Me

Imagine Finding Me 1976 and 2005, Kamakura, Japan

Imagine Finding Me 1976 and 2005, Kamakura, Japan

Imagine Finding Me 1977 and 2009, Jardin du Luxembourg, France

Imagine Finding Me 1984 and 2005, Richmond Hotel, France

Imagine Finding Me 1975 and 2009, Pont des Arts, France

Have you ever wanted to go back to a specific place and time in your life? Ever look through an old photo album and begin to relive the moments that the photos were taken- the smells, the people around you, and your thoughts at the time? What if time travel was possible and you didn’t know that you were passing your younger self on the street? Time is a tricky thing. Many people live their lives very much “in the now” but even they consider things from their past and probably would like to go back to at least one or two places in time.

The above photos may appear to be a mother and daughter, but the work Imagine Finding Me by photographer Chino Otsuka is a series of double self-portraits that combine both past memories and the present into truly thought provoking images. Otsuka was born in Japan but moved to the United Kingdom at an early age which has affected her views on issues such as culture and the idea of “home.” She imagines herself as “a tourist” in her own history and poses in places she had visited as a child alongside her younger self. You won’t find the younger and older Otsuka standing in front of any monuments. Each photo is set in a very transitional place, like a bridge or a crowded town square, which the photographer chooses to reflect on the way that she personally feels “neither here nor there” or that she’s “not really Japanese or English.” She uses these relatable moments to evoke a mental time travel and an appreciation for one’s own memories from the viewer.

For more of this series and Chino Otsuka’s other work, visit her website HERE or HERE.


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